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Past UCPA Board Members

Dr. Christopher Duncan

Dr. Christopher Duncan

Dr. Christopher M. Duncan – Utah Spinal Care (Served 2015-2016 as Secretary)

Dr. Duncan grew up in the military, spending many years in Germany. Having never been treated by no relationship with nor tie to chiropractic or chiropractors he came to discover its benefits from a purely scientific perspective. He is a first generation chiropractor who discovered his desire to help people to heal in high school physiology class, in real life scenarios on sports teams, in the Boy Scouts of America, and at home. After researching possible careers. He determined that chiropractic was the way that he could help best.

He graduated from Western States Chiropractic College (now the University of Western States) in 2007, and opened his first practice in Provo, UT where he first became involved with the UCPA. Later he served as a contracted chiropractor for the United States Navy in Mayport, FL. He now owns Utah Spinal Care, a practice in Sandy, UT, where he has been since 2013.

Throughout his time in practice he has always felt that it was important to be involved in promoting chiropractic. Different life experiences pushed him to promote it in different ways. His father who was in the Army could not receive care from him because the military did not cover chiropractic. This prompted Dr. Duncan to lobby Congress with the National Chiropractic Legislative Conference in Washington DC and to later work for the Navy. His wife’s pregnancies inspired him to pursue further education with chiropractic treatment of pregnancy. His background and close friendships with artists and musicians has driven him to promote chiropractic to the arts communities, and his experience in sports prompted him to become a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.

Dr Duncan has been married to his wife Trishelle since 2000 and they currently have 6 children. Time not spent promoting chiropractic is usually spent with them enjoying anything and everything, because life is fun no matter what you do and you can do it better with chiropractic.

Dr. Shanon Nelson

Dr. Shanon Nelson

Dr. Shanon Nelson – Takes Care of the Entire Family! District 5 Leader-Salt Lake Valley South (Served as District Representative 2015-2016)

Dr. Shanon Nelson graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in 2000 and has been providing exceptional care to her patients for the past 15 years. Dr. Nelson has been married for 17 years and is proud to share that she was able to deliver her 3 children naturally!
Dr. Nelson’s practice, Legacy Chiropractic & Wellness Center focuses on serving the whole family and has a special interest in treating pregnant women and children. Children benefit significantly from Chiropractic care and she has been successful in treating ADHD, Colic, childhood illnesses and ear infections. Dr. Nelson’s children are actively involved in a variety of sporting activities including; football, basketball, soccer and cheer-leading and she enjoys providing care to each of their teams.

In addition, Dr. Nelson is a certified car accident specialist and for the past 15 years has specialized in helping patients with their auto accident injuries which began with her externship at a large auto injury clinic located in Las Vegas, NV.

Dr. Nelson has been helping her patients overcome injuries sustained in auto accidents, overcome nagging illnesses, sports injuries and simply providing specialized care to help them achieve an active, healthy lifestyle. Dr. Nelson’s goal is to help as many families as possible achieve optimal health by providing exceptional individualized Chiropractic and wellness care.

District 10 Justin Salmon

District 10 Justin Salmon

Dr. Justin Salmon – Greater St George Area District (Served as District Representative 2015-2016)

Dr. Justin Salmon was born and raised in Alberta, Canada, where the winters are long and healthy. After undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT, he graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic with a degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1994. After a brief stint practicing in Montana, he migrated to a warmer climate and has been serving the people of Utah since 1995 and has been practicing here in St. George since 2004. Dr. Salmon employs many different adjusting techniques that range from manual hands on to instrument adjusting with the ProAdjuster. He is family oriented both in his personal life and in his practice as he treats concerns originating from joint dysfunction of the spine and extremities for the young and old and anyone in between. Dr. Justin Salmon also speaks Spanish and looks forward to serving all that he is able with the skills and knowledge that he has been blessed with in life. Dr. Salmon is a member of the Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association.

Dr James Misustin – At Large/Outliers (Served as District Representative 2015-2016)
Dr James Misustin utilizes decades of experience to provide quality care solutions for your health issues.We have the followed the advances in technology so that you can benefit from the latest in cutting edge techniques as well as tired and true holistic methods. We have the following available for our patients: Chiropractic care including work injuries, and car accidents/physical therapy/ x-rays/homeopathic injection( when needed)/ massage/exercise programs/nutritional supplements.