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UCPA Board Members

Dr. Jon L. Stucky

Dr. Jon L. Stucky

President of the UCPA

Dr. Jon L. Stucky believes in A ChiroPractical Approach to Good Health. He was born and raised in Minnesota. He graduated from Life College of Chiropractic in Atlanta, Georgia in 1993. He is a second generation Chiropractor, and is the 13th of 17 Chiropractors in his extended family.

He practiced in Wisconsin for 6 years before relocating to Utah in July of 1999. Dr. Stucky has been actively involved in providing care to athletes throughout his career and in 2004 was honored as the 2004 ProSport Chiropractic Doctor of the Year. He has been honored 7 times form 2001-2010 as the Doctor of the Wilderness Circuit of professional rodeo thru ProSport Chiropractic. Dr. Stucky worked with the Army World Class Athlete biathlon competitors for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. He was named to Justin Sports Medicine Team that cares for professional rodeo athletes in 2011. He has coordinated the chiropractic care at the Ragnar Relays in the state and around the country. He has worked as a chiropractor at the summer Dew Tour, professional golf tour, and the U.S. Open Golf Tournament. His vision is to see even more athletes see the benefits of utilizing chiropractic while training and competing as a weekend warrior or a professional athlete.

He is committed to serving the profession at many levels, both state and nationally. He has served as the state of Utah ICA Representative since 2000 and is currently the Vice President of the ICA Representative Assembly. He has served as the State Coordinator for ProSport Chiropractic over the years. He has served as a board member of the Utah Chiropractic Physician Association as a district leader since 2000 and as a Vice President for two years.

Dr. Stucky currently practices in Hyrum, Utah at Stucky Chiropractic which hosts with more information about chiropractic and his practice. He lives in Cache valley with his wife and 2 children. He provides chiropractic care to families and athletes from all ages and competition levels. He also incorporates advanced certifications and expertise in Spinal Trauma, Extremities, and Lasers in the practice.

Dr. Stucky has a passion for golf, softball, water and snow skiing, when he is not serving his practice members. The best patients are those who have been referred to you by others you have served. “I love and honor those practice members who have entrusted me with other family members, friends and co-workers. Being a Chiropractor, is truly a gift to share a unique philosophy, science and art of caring for a body that deserves to be well and that can thrive and excel in all aspects of life. “

Dr. Richard Amon

Dr. Richard Amon

Vice President of the UCPA

Dr. Richard P. Amon – Amon Chiropractic Center P.C. 

Dr. Amon grew up with Chiropractic care in Fort Worth Texas. As a child the only time I went for medical care was for stitches. When I was sick I would get an adjustment from my Dad. He graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 1948 and I graduated from TCC in 1984. I practiced with him for 4 years and came to Utah in 1988. I have been in the present location for over 26 years. My wife of 32 years Virginia passed away 5 years ago.

I have been married to Jan for 4 years. She came to work in the office 3 years ago. Patients love being greeted by her cheerful personality, southern accent and beautiful smile. Since coming to Utah I have been involved in going to state association meetings and been involved with the board. I was involved when the UCA joined with the UACP to form the UCPA. I have enjoyed being involved with great Chiropractors in Utah. I have filled in to offices of Chiropractors that have been injured or out of practice. I have enjoyed friendships with fellow Chiropractors and being able to stop into offices to get adjusted no matter which part of the state I am in. Locally I get adjusted by my Chiropractor and we play basketball 3-4x a week. We travel to seminars, conventions, meetings and benefit from sharing information and working on each other.

I enjoy golfing with Jan, playing coed volleyball weekly with Jan, bicycle riding with Jan and Chiropractor friends, basketball, and Jan & I work out at Gold’s Gym 3-4x a week. We feel that life is motion and we enjoy staying fit and enjoying life.

I love working with Chiropractic patients. Our office strives hard to put the “care” back into “Healthcare”. I love working with our wellness patients that come in regularly for tuneups. Rather than just adjust I enjoy using a variety of techniques from so many seminars over the 30 years of practice. I enjoy finding imbalances and helping the body heal itself. I work with Diversified Technique, applied kinesiology, kinesiotaping, pain neutralization technique, SOT, Leander Flexion Distraction, Thompson Drop Technique, Activator, Neuromechanical technique, Brimhall, MRT, Cranial adjusting, extremity adjusting the hands, feet, shoulders, hips etc.

It is amazing to me how the “Power that made the Body can Heal the Body” if we remove the interference that comes at us. It is wonderful to adjust the spine to stimulate the nervous system and see great things can happen. I love seeing patients limp into the office and walk out smoothly, to come in with pain and the weight of the world on them and left without pain and so much more enthusiasm and hope to enjoy life has been a wonderful gift. For more information contact Amon Chiropractic Center.

Secretary of the UCPA

Dr Larry Ziegler, Utah Health Centers

Dr. Larry Ziegler is the owner of Utah Health Center and a Certified Auto Accident physician with many years experience helping Utah patients recover from car accident injuries. Dr. Ziegler served in the US Marines for 10 years, speaks Portuguese and Spanish fluently, is from St George, Utah and has spent most of his life in this great state, sometimes fishing… He also volunteered during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. He and his wife, Val States Ziegler, (Go Cubs), have four sons, living an active Utah lifestyle, including; biking, skiing, camping and many other hobbies. Check out: Utah Health Centers

Treasurer of the UCPA

Dr. Shirl (Doc Rock) Stone – Stone Chiropractic
Dr. Stone did his undergraduate studies at Utah Valley University and University of Phoenix, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1989. He went on to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer Chiropractic College in 1994. Dr. Stone also received merit awards for clinical excellence. He completed graduate x-ray study in the specialty field of spinal and skeletal disorders. He also completed studies in clinical orthopedics of the upper and lower extremities, and in correction and rehabilitation of scoliosis. His office has been in Pleasant Grove for 15 years.

Dr. Stone has served on the Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association Board since 2002 in a variety of capacities including Vice President, President, and Treasurer. Not only is he dedicated to helping maintain the scope of practice of the chiropractors in the state, but he is also dedicated to helping his patients achieve overall health and wellness. He does this through continuing education and personal research, always seeking for the best supplements and tools to help achieve the greatest results for his patients.

Roxy Cross, UCPA Interim Executive Director

Roxy Cross, UCPA Executive Director

Roxy (States) Cross, UCPA Executive Director 

Roxy Cross’ career includes event coordination, social media marketing, advertising, search engine optimization, professional writing, project management, conflict resolution and public speaking. With years of business experience, Roxy Cross has an extensive background in marketing, media, business development, client relations and office management. 

Roxy’s previous work responsibilities include project management, creating and implementing office systems and the day to day running of various types of offices, from physicians to office supplies. She is very detail oriented and possesses the ability to adjust smoothly to ever changing priorities while maintaining excellent customer service. Roxy thrives under timelines and deadlines and can work well alone or with a team. Additionally, Roxy has professional verbal and written communication skills, having been a professional writer and editor for websites for the last 6 years. Coming from 4 generations of the chiropractic States family, Roxy Cross brings top-notch, quality, advocacy presence to the UCPA, working well with the board, insurance and governmental agencies, doctors, patients, sponsors and vendors.

  • President Dr Jon Stucky, 435-245-3500
  • Past President Dr Matt Roller 801-572-2272
  • Vice President Dr Richard Amon, 801-731-2200
  • Treasurer Dr Shirl Stone, 801-785-0788
  • Secretary Larry Ziegler,  801-901-4261
  • Executive Director Roxy Cross, 801-281-4100